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real estates in Spain

Main office
in Poland


tel.: 0048 58-621-00-31

in Spain

Costa Blanca Torrevieja

tel.: 0034 966 29-93-38

Costa Blanca Calpe

tel.: 0034 966-44-44-35

Costa del Sol Marbella

tel.: 0034 966-44-44-35


The most expensive Christmas tree in the world stands in Spain 13.12.2019

The most expensive Christmas tree in the world stands in Spain

This year Spain is well prepared for this forthcoming Christmas time.

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Offers of the week

Luksusowy dom w Javea!

Luksusowy dom w Javea!

Price: 1 445 000 €

How to buy?


In this section we add valuable and practical information concerning purchasing of a property process in Spain. All the articles are carefully prepared by our employees - experts in their particular areas. This gathered knowledge will help you take decisions easily, estimate the costs and plan your next steps. You can read here, among other things, about taxes, legal aspects, costs of house maintenance and other significant questions concerning life in Spain. If you have not found an answer to your questions, we are always at your disposal. 

Topic list:


Andrzej Bursa

Selling specialist Carisma SA , Sopot

In this case, Spanish procedures are not so different from Polish procedures, but you have to keep in mind the local conditions and the market characteristics. 

Documents needed to purchase a property in Spain: 

  • Spanish tax identification number NIE* (numero de identificación de estranjero). It is not necessary to apply for it once we start our collaboration. When you decide to purchase and reserve a concrete property, we will hand over all the documents needed to obtain this number. We will explain this procedure in another article.
  • Confirmation of having opened an acount in a Spanish bank
  • Passport or ID
  • Copy of the passport or ID

Purchasing a property form a secondary market

  1. Everything begins with the signature of preliminary agreement (sale-purchase agreement written in Spanish language). This agreement guarantees the reservation of the property. Before signing it, you will receive, from us, the Polish version of this agreement.
  2. Normally, the deposit paid on the signature of the preliminary agreement is between 3000 and 6000 euro.
  3. The date of the title deed signature and the account for the payment of the deposit (10% of the property value), will be determined in the preliminary agreement. Usually, the deposit is paid only when the date of title deed signature is established for more than one month away form the reservation date. 
  4. Next step is to sign the title deed and it is when the rest of the property value is paid. The title deed is signed in Spanish language, but, if needed, we can provide you with a translator. Your lawyer can also be present during the signature. Names of all the people present during the title deed signature, will be gathered in this document. 

Purchasing of a property new on the market, from the building company

  1. Once again everything begins with signing of the preliminary agreement (sale-purchase) between the client and the building company. 
  2. The deposit sum, ranging from 3000 to 6000 euros, is paid on the date of the signature. It guarantees the reservation of this property.
  3. The date of the contribution (30-40%) payment to be paid on the account of the developer company is determined in the preliminary agreement. 
  4. The date of title deed signature depends on the date of the investment realisation and keys reception. A possible morgage will start upon the keys reception ant the signature of the title deed. You can purchase your property by cash or by bank transfer (does not matter what kind of a bank it is).

If the transaction does not occur because of the buyer, the deposit will be retained by the buyer. It it is because of the selling party, he will have to return the double of the deposit received (unless the agreement states otherwise). The real estate purchase agreement will be prepared in the title deed form, under the pain of invalidity. Whether you buy the property from the secondary market or a developer, the procedure is the same. 

Purchasing a property in Spain through a legel entity, company, cooperative or foundation

If you want to buy a propery through a legal entity, you will need additional documents. The list of the documents required, will depend on the form of the economic activity. Each time we will deliver you the list of the documents needed, according to a particular situation. 

Conditions of buying a real estate on credit 

What makes things much easier for Polish investors is the convinient mortgage offers proposed by Spanish banks. Please, find below relevant information concerning mortgages in Spain.

  • You can obtain a mortgage in Spain for up to 70% of the real estate value (depending on the decision of the bank).
  • Mortgage loan interest rate varies according to the bank and it is also open to negotiations with which we can help you. The interes rate applicable is set at about 4,5-4,7% per year.
  • Mortgage can be spread over several years, up to 30 years, up to the age of 75.

In order to obtain a mortgage to buy a property in Spain you need to fulfill some requilements. Necessary documents required from Polish citizens working or doing buisness in Poland are:

  • last year and current bank statement translated to Spanish;
  • bank reference or accountant reference if it is a company (transalated to Spanish);
  • contract of employment or company accounts - profit and loss balance sheet translated to Spanish;
  • copy of personal credit file and annual debt statement;
  • tax return;
  • passport copy;
  • NIE number.

For Polish citizens working or having a business in GB or Ireland:

  • bank statement of the last three months;
  • Payslips of the last three payments;
  • Tax Return or P60;
  • N.I.E. number;
  • Credit Report - Equifax or Experian (GB) or ICB (Ireland).

Carisma will guide you throughly and professionally through the process of obtaining a mortgage for your dream house in Spain. Thanks to our years of experience and good contacts with local banks, most of the mortgage applications which we negotiate are successful.


Anna Nowakowska

Selling specialist Carisma SA, Sopot

The cost of buying a property in Spain is approximately 11-14% of the property value. Below, we specify what it consists of.


Form of financing Cash Cash Mortgage Mortgage
Market Primary Secondary Primary Secondary
Transfer tax 10% 10% 10% 10%
Notary The rate depends on the property value* The rate depends on the property value*

1. The rate depends on the property value*

2. Charge for the mortgage title deed

1. The rate depends on the property value*

2. Charge for the mortgage title deed

Tax on the documented juridical act (AJD) 1.2% of the property value x

1.2% of the property value

1.2% of the mortgage value

1.2% of the mortgage value
Entry in the land register The rate depends on the property value* The rate depends on the property value*


The rate depends on the property value*



The rate depends on the property value*


 Real estate appraisal x x 300-500€ 300-500€
Bank comission for opening the mortgage (one payment) x x 1.2 - 2.75% 1.2 - 2.75%
Total 12.4% 11.2% 15%(includes 1.2% bank commission) 14%

*In case of buying in cash, all rhe costs of purchasing should be paid within 30 working days counting from the title deed signature.

If you apply for a mortgage, before signing the title deed the bank requires you to have resources on your personal bank account linked to the mortgage to cover the costs of buying and the rest of the value of the property. No later than a day before the title deed signature.


If buying through mortgage - approximate notary costs:

Property value Notary charge
25.000€ 600€
50.000€ 625€
100.000€ 675€
150.000€ 710€
200.000€ 750€
250.000€ 790€
300.000€ 830€
400.000€ 850€
500.000€ 875€





Barbara Sucharska

Selling specialist Carisma S.L Alicante

If you decide to buy and reserve a concrete property it is essential to start the procedure of obtaining the NIE number. It ia sn easy procedure. NIE is a Spanish tax identification number for foreigners (and residents) who have bussiness dealings in Spain. You will be registered under this number in the Spanish tax authority. It is also essential in order to: gain the property ownership, pay taxes, contract electricity and water, buy and register a car, work, etc. You can apply for NIE number at police stations (Policía Nacional) with a Forigners Office (Oficina de Extranjería).

In order to obtain NIE number you need to present:

  • a valid Passport or ID and 2 copies of the document,
  • two recent Passport photographs,
  • completed EX-15 formular (you can get it at the office),
  • a document providing why you need a Spanish NIE number like buying a property in Spain, working in Spain or opening a business there,
  • pay NIE application fee - appoximately 10€.

The wait time varies according to the amount of applications in given office, but the document is normally issued after up to 30 days. CARISMA can help you obtain your NIE number efficiently and stress-freely. 


Magdalena Głód

Selling Specialist Carisma S.L Alicante

The cost of maintaining a property in Spain are significantly lower than in Poland, whether it is a villa or an apartment. As an example a 60m² apartment with two bedrooms situated in a housing estate with a swimming pool, the community charges (gastos de comunidad) will vary in between 30-60€ per month, paid each 6 or 12 months.

On the other hand, the community costs of high-class properties with various swimming pools, a big tropical gardens, a SPA complex, situted in exclusive location could vary between 100-160€ per month.  

The charges are set mostly according to the size and quality of the common zones like: gardens, swimming pools, the quantity of evelators in the building, security presence, etc.

In case of a family house with a plot, there are no community costs unless it is a part of a housing estate and has common zones. 

To the mentioned costs, you need to add the annual property tax called IBI. IBI value is set by local the local administrationindividually for each property and you pay it once per year, in October. The amount depends on the size and location of the property, for example for a 60m2 apartment located somewhere around Alicante, Torrevieja or Orihuela Costa you can pay between 200 and 400€ per year. For a 180m2 house with a plot of 400m2 you will not pay more than 600€. As well as that, you will need to pay ¨tases de basura¨, trash tax, which is also managed by the local administration in order to finance the costs of the rubbish collection. 

In Spain, you pay for the electricity each two months and for water, each three.  The electricity costs around 0,1526 €/ kWh.On avarage the electricity costs monthly about 70€ (for two people), if you use air conditioning - 120€. The monthly costs for water is approximately 30€ two people if you irrigate your garden often.

A significant factor which influences the low costs of house maintenance on the Spanish coast is because of the warm temperatures. On the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol we do not need central heating because it is almost always warm. In winter time you will be just fine with air conditioning or a small heater of any kind.


Małgorzata Sadowska

Selling specialist Carisma SA, Sopot

Once we decide on buying a property in Spain and we want to spend there just a few months a year, a great financial solution is to rent it during the time we do not occupy it. This option yields regular earnings, higher then the mortgage installments.

We have to consider where we want the property to be located; whether it has to be a quiet villeage or in a center of an entertainment city.

When consider buying a property, we should think about aspects such as having a swimming pool or a beautiful garden, as it would make our property far more attractive. Additionally, if you buy a property from Carisma ¡, we can add it to our rentals website.

We invite you to have a look at our website CARISMA RENTALS



Because of many years of experienc and a professional approach towards the client, Carisma offers a specialist care of properties. We adapt our services to each of our clients to meet their individual needs. Your property will be looked after a competent and friendly team, who will take care of your house as it would have been theirs. While you are away we will take care of your house safety and tidiness. Our offices in Spain are situated in Alicante and in Marbella (approximately 60 km from Málaga). In our offer we have properties from all around Spain but we focus on the most attractive ones , that is, those on Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol and it is where our offices are.

For more information, please, visit our website PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CARISMA


A beautiful weather and mild climat are two of the main arguments which decide on buying a property on Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol. Hot summers, mild winters, all-year-round sun - those are the characteristics of these areas. In winter time the temperature does not go below 15 degrees.

Around Torrevieja (Costa Blanca) there are salt lagoons. Those lakes evaporate and this vapor make a really good microclimat, that has a good influence on respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Around the lagoons there are pedestrian paths, so it is a perfect place to stroll. Along the shore you can find various observation posts where we can admire the local fauna such as different kinds of birds.


Spanish people love life and they like to make their time as pleasent as possible. They also have an inclination towards innate sociability. As well as that, they depend on the time to some extent, but defenitely they do not let the clock mange their lifes as they prefer the entertainment. 

For most of the Spanish people family is a priority. They have a strong bound with their pueblo (city or villeage) that they come from. It is common knowledge that they love to eat and dance. Spanish cousine is one of the most interesting and richest in the whole Europe. In mostly hinges on fruits and sea food. The most popular meal is paella. 

It does not matter in which part of Spain we are, it is probable that we come across a going on fiesta. Each city, even the smalles ones, workships their patron saints, saints in general or even the change of the season with processions, corridas, reconstructions of the past battles, ancient rites or pilgrimage to a distant sanctuary. Fiesta time is the time of fun, singing, dancing and food. 

Keep in mind that siesta time is a sacred thing. Here, there themperature marks the days rythm. When the mercury bar shows 45 degrees in the shade, people who can, hide in theis houses, as it is not worh risking to get a sunstroke. Therefore, in summer time from 2 till 5 pm, it is likely that you will not see a soul on the street. Recon with the fact that most of the shops and banks will be closed during those hours. 


Maria Kotala

Selling Specialist Carisma SA, Sopot

1. Is life in Spain expensive?

No, the costs in Spain are similar to the costs in Poland. Some of the groceries could even be cheaper than in our country. The upkeeping costs are similar and costs of the rent, electricity and water are often cheaper. 

2. Can Polish citizen work legally in Spain?

Of course. As Poland belongs to European Union, the citizens of our country do not need any additional work permits. There are no restrictions. 

3. How to open a business in Spain?

Once Poland became a member of European Union, there are no additional permissions required to open and run a business. The process of opening a company is quicker and faster.

4. How is the health care in Spain?

The Spainsh heath care system is ranked as one of the best in Europe and it is free for retired EU citizens. Paid international health insurance are also honoured. 

5. What is the quickest and less expensive way to get on the Spanish Southern Coast? 

Flights to Alicante:

  • Direct flights:

Kraków - Alicante with Ryanair: 

         July - September: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday (out and back)

         June - October: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (out and back)

Warszawa (Modlin) - Alicante with Ryanair:

          April - October: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (out and back)

          November - March: Tuesday, Saturday (out and back)

Wrocław - Alicante with Ryanair: Wednesday and Sunday (out and back)

Gdańsk - Alicante with Ryanair: Wednesday and Sunday (out and back)

Poznań - Alicante with Ryanair:

          April - October: Wednesday, Sunday (out and back)

           November - March: Thursday (out and back)

  • other options:

From Warszawa, Gdańsk, Poznań we can fly to Alicante through Barcelona, as well.

From Barcelona to Alicante and Málaga we can fly with Vueling, who serves flights within Spain. 

From Great Britain (London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle) you can fly to Alicante few times a day. 

From German cities (Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Drezna) we can fly to Alicante each day with AIRBERLIN

There are also flights from Grat Britain to Murcia (San Javier Airport). 

If you want to travel by car, from Poland to Spain, approximately 3000 km await you. 

On the Spanish airports there are car rentals. 

6. Why it is worth selling through Carisma? 

  1. Property valuation - we will come personally and value your property. Then we will add your property to our database and we will advise you on the quickest and most effective way of selling it according to the current local market. 
  2. Cooperation – a good and fruitful cooperation is the most important thing. Our goal is to satisfy our clients. We offer a clear commission system and honest negotiations. Both, the seeling and the purchasing party, are important for us.
  3. Property exposure - people from all around Europe, look at properties which we have on our website. We work with other companies and real estate agrents from different countries; therefore your property will be seen on other websites dedicated to property selling, so that more people get to see your property. 
  4. Professional service – from the beginnings of our company, we wanted to work in accordance with European standards fo property selling. We do not charge both parties (buyer and seller) as other agencies do. In Carisma all the transaction process is clear for every client. 

7. How does an investment trip look like?

You can find the answer to this question on this page Investment visit in Spain

8.  What does "resident" mean according to the law from 2002?

According to the definition a resident is:

  • a natural person with residence in this country, legal person and other organisational entities having their headquarters in this country, who have capacity to commit on their behalf; 
  • branches, representative offices and enterprises opened by non-residents in this country; 
  • Polish diplomatic posts, Consular Offices and other Polish representative offices and special missions using diplomatic and consular immunities and privileges.

A non-resident is:

  • a natural person with residence abroad, legal person and other entities with their office located abroad, who have capacity to commit on their behalf; non-residents are also branches, represenatative offices and entreprises located abroad, opened by residents.
  • foreign diplomatic representatives, Consular Offices, special missions and international organisations and other representative offices under agreements, laws and established international customs. 

A helpful dictionary, if you want to buy a property in Spain: 

  • Abogado - lawyer;
  • Escritura - title deed;
  • Gestor commercial - a bank official resposible for giving motgages;
  • Hipoteca - mortgage;
  • Notaria - notary;
  • Se alquila - to rent;
  • Se vende - for sale;
  • Vendido - sold;
  • Suma - office responsible for property tax, car tax, catastral taxetc.
  • Gastos comunes - costs of electricity, water and gas;
  • Cocina equipada - fully equipped kitchen;
  • Reformado - renovated;
  • Fianza - deposit.


Andrzej Bursa

Carisma SA Director, Sopot

After 14 years of intensive economic growth, in 2008 the Spanish economy entered the phase of economic downturn. In 2008 the GBP increased 1,2%. The social and economic situation in Spain had a great influence on the property value in this country. 

When analysing the investment viability of buying a property in Spain, we nned to remember that Spain is visited by 60 mln of tourists per year and the international tourism insome in 2008 was 61,6 mln of euros (UNWTO data). 

It is the highest result of all the European countries. According to the International Organisation of Tourism forecast, Spain will hold a very high rank in tourism sector, at least till 2020. 

Spain is "the country" to buy a property due to its high investment potential. The revision of the value of properties, estimated at about 30% and the appearance of bank-owned properties on the market gives you the perfect oppertunity to buy your dream apartment or house in a sunny and beautiful country at a bargain price. 

We need to underline that Spain among all the countries of our continent, is acclaimed by clients because of the greatest investment potential and highest profits due to the tourism sector growth.

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Carisma real estates in Spain:

Main office
in Poland


tel.: 0048 58-621-00-31

in Spain

Costa Blanca Torrevieja

tel.: 0034 966 29-93-38

Costa Blanca Calpe

tel.: 0034 966-44-44-35

Costa del Sol Marbella

tel.: 0034 966-44-44-35

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